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Here you’ll find an archive of all the stories published so far, from the earliest weeks and months of lockdown restrictions until now

Plastic Worker Stories

Patrick O’Hare is an anthropologist who studies recycling economies in South America. We are publishing Patrick’s translation of a transcript from an interview he conducted

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System Change

This story comes from a trade union organiser based in Glasgow and captures the huge protests in solidarity with Black Lives Matter, that took place

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under my skin

R Forbes works as a courier in Edinburgh, where the Workers’ Observatory supports gig workers to monitor and organise their work. I began working as

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“For Sarah… for all of them”

So my contribution to The Workers Story Project has taken a sharp turn from writing about my COVID-19 experience as a lay trade union official representing firefighters to now using this platform to highlight the accounts and activism of sisters in our movement, which at times, moved me to tears.

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Every day I walk round the park and circle the loch several times, returning to where I started and going round again, and again. Rather symbolic of lockdown, every day the same as the day before like for the guy in Groundhog Day.

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Mind of a Star

The drink, a curse that can’t be shifted,

the upbringing harsh and too commonplace

A man victim to nothing in his control,

reaching out to steady himself.

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